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Reception Messenger hopes to deliver self-service administration, offering a way for office guests to check themselves in.

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It seems that tablets are becoming increasingly effective at performing the tasks of customer facing roles, which is why companies such as The Robot Pub Group have taken to using the devices to allow patrons to help themselves. Now the Reception Messenger iPad platform is hoping to do the same for administration, offering a way for office visitors to check themselves in.

After installing the tablet at the front of a company’s premises, guests will be able to use it to select the reason for their visit, enter their details, choose an employee they wish to speak to and let them know they are there. The system is connected to staff mobile phones, meaning that they are instantly alerted via text message when someone has arrived to see them. Responses can be sent directly back to the iPad to let the visitor know what they should do. Companies can customize the look of the system to match their business’s branding and add extra voice prompts to further personalize the service. The system is priced in three brackets – USD 99 per month for companies with one to 49 employees, USD 149 per month for those with 50-99 employees and USD 249 per month for those with more than 100 staff members.

Reception Messenger could help small business who can’t necessarily afford to hire a receptionist to manage their office effectively, but the system could also cut costs at public services such as hospitals. Could tablets be used similarly elsewhere?


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Reception Messenger Tuaw Post

by Steven Sande

To keep a professional feel to a workplace, many businesses hire a receptionist to greet and direct visitors to an office. Receptionists may become an endangered species soon if the Reception Messenger iPad platform from the Foundry Group, Rage Digital and TechStars takes off.

Currently in beta, the platform uses a kiosk-mounted iPad and customizable app to connect visitors to company employees. Upon arriving at the kiosk, the visitor taps a button to indicate the reason for their visit (a meeting, a delivery and so on), taps another button indicating the name of the employee they wish to see, enters their name and company into the kiosk, and then the employee is notified via text message.

Should that employee need to respond to the visitor, they can reply and their message is displayed on the kiosk. The service is priced at US$99 per month for companies with up to 49 employees, $149 per month for 50-99 employees and $249 monthly for more than 100 employees. Check it out in the video below.

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HelvetiNote™ 2.3 is here. iCloud sync rebuilt from the ground up. On sale until July 20th! 

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I was pumped to see Pres. OBama, while in Boulder yesterday, take a moment to drive a Sphero!  Rage Digi and Orbotix have had a long working relationship designing all the drive controllers and initial game apps as well as the app Obama uses here!  

The president used our app.  HA!  Too cool…

ReceptionMSSNGR™ Looks to Replace Receptionist With an App via Betakit

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OLO is a social game of skill and strategy. Great looking designer game by Sennep.
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A snooze button for your thoughts. Delay is the quick and easy reminder app for those situations when you need to remember something and don’t want the hassle of creating and managing alarms for set times. 

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