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TextUs.Biz enables small businesses to use their existing business phone number to send and receive text messages with their customers, from a computer.

BOULDER, Colorado. (October 1, 2012) — TextUs.Biz, is launching a truly revolutionary new service that enables businesses to use their existing business phone number to send and receive text messages to and from their customers, from a computer. The launch begins October 1, 2012 with the “Text Friendly” Boulder Business initiative. 

The “Text Friendly” Boulder Business campaign, which invites up to one hundred Boulder businesses to use TextUs.Biz for free for three months, encourages businesses and their customers to text message in their requests and inquiries rather than make a phone call. By doing so, TextUs.Biz is setting out to make Boulder the first “Text Friendly” business community on the planet.

“TextUs.Biz is what many customers and businesses have been waiting for. By using our two-way text message application businesses and their customers can avoid leaving voicemails, being placed on hold or missing calls. Boulder is the perfect city to become the first “Text Friendly” Business Community on the planet,  ” said Ted Guggenheim, President of TextUs.Biz. “And with the holidays fast approaching, we realized it was the perfect time to not only launch this revolutionary concept, but allow the community to help families in need at the same time, by providing a donation for each message.”

TextUs.Biz is available in Boulder!

To become a “Text Friendly” business, simply visit TextUs.Biz/Boulder and request an invitation. Participating businesses in “Text Friendly” Boulder Business initiative will receive:

  • Up to three free months of the TextUs.Biz service (Oct-Dec 2012)
  • Perpetual Charter Member pricing at $9.99 per month (beginning January 1, 2012).  Non-Charter pricing begins at $24.95/month.
  • Online or In-person Tutorial
  • “Text Us – We’re Text Friendly” Removable Window Decals
  • 100 “We’re a Text Friendly Boulder Business” Customer Cards
  • Business logo placement on the Text Friendly Boulder EFAA Fund Drive website and display advertising

TextUs.Biz is perfect for all types of businesses including salons, hotels, restaurants, auto services, massage therapists, doctors, dentists, small businesses and retailers. TextUs.Biz is convenient for customers as it allows them to manage their inquiries without having to make a call.

TextUs.Biz Testimonials:

“TextUs.Biz is the most impactful service we’ve used in a long time. Rather than placing dozens of phone calls each morning for our daily appointment confirmations, we simply text them. If needed the customer can easily text back. We can adjust appointment times, in real-time, to address changing schedules and most importantly our customers have a way to reach us in a manner that is convenient for them.” - Connor Doyle, West End Salon 

 “The Four Seasons is about providing innovative and unparalleled customer service. TextUs.Biz helps us provide the premium level of service and convenience that our guests expect without being intrusive. We are now able to make ourselves available whenever and however our guests wish to communicate, phone, email or text.” - Jason Vargas of Four Seasons Hotel, Denver.

 About TextUs.Biz

Based in Boulder, CO, TextUs.Biz enables businesses to communicate with their customers via text message using the business’s existing 10-digit landline phone number. With plans starting as low as $24.95 per month, TextUs.Biz is affordable for any business looking to lower its operating costs while developing personal, high-value customer relationships. Learn more about TextUs.Biz by visiting us at http://TextUs.Biz

Press Contact: Ted Guggenheim 303-442-3223.

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Introducing TextFriendly.Biz

We’re excited to share the release of TextFriendly.Biz - Business to Customer Two-Way Text Messaging.  (Formerly branded MobileMSSNGR™)

Text messaging has become the most ubiquitous and preferred way of communicating throughout the globe. In 2011 there were an estimated 7 trillion messages sent worldwide. 

People love text messaging because its immediate, easy and asynchronous, in other words you can send and respond while engaged in other activities. 

So why aren’t businesses engaging their customers via text? Why do they force customers to call, go online or Tweet about their needs, questions or orders?

Because until NOW there has never really been a way to do that!  TextFriendly.biz allows businesses to harness the text capability of their existing 10-digit phone number by providing an application that can sends and receive texts from your computer to any customers cell phone.

Introducing TextFriendly.Biz

TextFriendly.biz works on both Macs and PCs, has no download (requires the Chrome browser) and takes only a few minutes to set up your account and be up and running in no time!

Introducing TextFriendly.Biz
For many businesses the phone is a bottleneck. Being placed on hold, sent to voicemail or missed calls can create aggravation for both the customer and the business. TexFriendly.biz avoids all of that by allowing your business to manage multiple text conversations with customers at the same time.  

Introducing TextFriendly.Biz

TexFriendly.biz - (Formerly branded MobileMSSNGR™)

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Sphero Hack Tour hits Boulder this weekend!  Orbotix is inviting developers in the Boulder/Denver community to make cool apps! Attendees will get a FREE Sphero. We’re giving away a whopping $12,000 in cash! We’ll provide food, drinks, snacks and wifi all weekend long.  

Rage Digi will have a team competing! We’ve been brainstorming and have an awesome app idea brewing…

For additional details and to rsvp, visit http://spheroboulder.eventbrite.com/. Seats are limited, so register today!

We’re looking forward to presenting the MobileMSSNGR™ platform at this weeks Boulder Denver New Tech meet up.  We’ll also be running through our ReceptionMSSNGR™ service and will be hanging out in Demo area after to chat.  Big thank you to Robert Reich for allowing us to present! See you there!

Full event info: http://www.bdnewtech.com/events/42804712/

We’ve once again teamed up with Quickleft on a cool new project.  More info coming soon…

Rage Digital x Quickleft

Boulder Android Logo Pack by Andrew Kimmell @ Rage Digital

A series of logos our friend Ross asked us for some help on pulling together for Boulder Android.  Be sure to check out the next meetup -> Wednesday, February 22, 2012, 6:15 PM  

Boulder Android Logo Pack by Andrew Kimmell @ Rage Digital

Boulder Android Logo Pack by Andrew Kimmell @ Rage Digital

Boulder Android Logo Pack by Andrew Kimmell @ Rage Digital

Boulder Android Logo Pack by Andrew Kimmell @ Rage Digital

Helvetinote" 2.0" by Rage Digital and Berger & Föhr

Designed by Berger & Föhr Built by Rage Digital

HelvetiNote™ is the iCloud synchronized note taking application for your iPad, iPhone, and iPod. We designed it explicitly to simplify and improve your note taking experience.

In version 2.0, HelvetiNote™ is raising the bar again. We’re leveraging the power of iCloud sync, expanding HelvetiNote™ from iPad to iPhone and iPod, better organizing your notes with folders and streamlining the overall note taking experience with smoother drawing, undo functionality and a more responsive interface. We’ve rewritten HelvetiNote™ 2.0 from the ground up, with your feedback from version 1.0 in mind.

Tips & Pointers:

- iCloud runs the show. All of your folders and notes are automatically synced up to iCloud - there’s no need to ever hit a save or download button. The sync indicator in the lower right displays your current iCloud sync configuration.

- Notes now live in folders, which you can create, rename and delete as needed. To delete, swipe horizontally over a folder to display the delete button - do the same to delete a note.

- Themes can now be saved and synced. Find your favorite color combo? Save it as a custom theme (save up to 5 custom themes) - it’ll even sync to your other devices (if you have iCloud sync enabled). Swipe from right to left on a saved theme to delete it.

** HelvetiNote™ 2.0 does attempt to upgrade your v1.0 notes to the new 2.0 format. To err on the side of caution, however, you should backup any important v1.0 notes by emailing them to yourself before updating.

Thank you for all of your HelvetiNote™ support and feedback. We hope you Enjoy 2.0.

Huge credit due to Keiran Flanigan (Aeliox) for all the hard work on this app!  

iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/helvetinote/id372467135?mt=8


We had a good time at the Boulder Android meetup on Wednesday night.  Google Boulder hosted the event supplying pizza and beer.  Ted presented several of our iOS apps with hopes to find a capable Android developer. If you’re interested in joining the Rage Digital team please email us-> info@ragedigitalinc.com

Looking forward to attending in the future.  You should too! http://meetup.boulderandroid.com  

We really do.  This place is awesome.  The city of Boulder, along with several community partners, is launching a viral marketing campaign with the theme: “I Love Boulder.”

"We want to celebrate what everyone loves about Boulder, whether it’s the restaurant chef who opened here instead of Paris or New York or the entrepreneur who was inspired by the scenery," city spokesman Patrick von Keyserling said. "Let’s talk about the positive things that we love about our community."

There’s definitely a large entrepreneurial community which has been a vital piece of helping Rage Digital make it through the start up speed bumps.  When we saw this campaign we knew we wanted to be involved!  Rage is currently developing an app to tag photos with an I Love Boulder virtual sticker.  Once you tag your Boulder moment upload and it via Twitter, Facebook and Flickr to share and spread the Boulder love.

We’ll post and update when the app goes live!

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