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The Mobile Web has finally outgrown its infancy to become one of the most exciting avenues for content, services and commerce. The Webby Mobile Winners, Nominees, and Honorees have shown the foresight and ingenuity to excel within a quickly changing and increasingly fragmented Mobile Web universe.

As a result of the superior quantity and quality of sites entered, the 16th Annual Webby Awards recognized sites and teams that demonstrated a standard of excellence.

Of the 10,000 entries submitted to the 16th Annual Webby Awards, fewer than 15% were distinguished as an Official Honoree.

Rage Digital + Aspect Digital

I was pumped to see Pres. OBama, while in Boulder yesterday, take a moment to drive a Sphero!  Rage Digi and Orbotix have had a long working relationship designing all the drive controllers and initial game apps as well as the app Obama uses here!  

The president used our app.  HA!  Too cool…

We’ve once again teamed up with Quickleft on a cool new project.  More info coming soon…

Rage Digital x Quickleft

Openspace is here to make your app search and discovery social.  We’re excited to be working with local Boulder start up Openspace on a 2.0 version of their interface.  This will be big.  Looking forward to sharing more! 

FirstBank Copper Mountain Snow Report by TDA_Boulder + Rage Digital

We’ve been busy so far this year working with TDA_Boulder on a bunch of their mobile initiatives.  The most recent project is a mobile web experience activated from a QR scan for FirstBank and Copper Mtn.  After a QR scan from a FirstBank ad the user would be directed to a full snow report for the mountain. 

FirstBank Copper Mountain Snow Report by TDA_Boulder + Rage Digital

FirstBank Copper Mountain Snow Report by TDA_Boulder + Rage Digital

FirstBank Copper Mountain Snow Report by TDA_Boulder + Rage Digital

FirstBank Copper Mountain Snow Report by TDA_Boulder + Rage Digital

FirstBank Copper Mountain Snow Report by TDA_Boulder + Rage Digital

Rage Digital and TDA_Boulder have teamed up to produce the FirstBank Paper Bag App!  A series of scannable QR code ads directed users to download either the iPhone or Android version of the app.  You then blow into the microphone of the device to actually blow up the paper bag.  Once inflated tap to pop! 

The user would then be offered a link to view Stress-Free Mortgage rates.  The end result was an awesome app that also was a fun way to promote FirstBank mortgages. 

iTunes Link:

Android Link:

FirstBank Paper Bag App by TDA_Boulder + Rage Digital

Kudos to Apple for releasing Messenger (Beta), which syncs all of your chats and texts between all of your Apple devices (Computer, iPhone, iPad).  The only hangup, all of your contacts also have to be using Apple devices.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could have all of that great functionality but could communicate with anyones text-capable device! Well actually you can…

Rage Digital is now excepting Beta Invite Requests for our new service MobileMSSNGR™.  You get all of the capability of Apple’s Messenger, texting from your Computer, iPhone and iPad plus integrated ToDos, Notes and Auto-replys but can communicate with anyone’s device! 

MobileMSSNGR™ gives you complete control over where and how you send and receive your text messages. Using a unique, local,  10-digit text number you can now send and receive your texts to anyone’s phone directly from your computer, your iPhone or your iPad! All for FREE!


- Unique, local 10-digit text number (you don’t have to give out your phone number)

- Send and receive texts with ANYONE’S text capable device (they don’t need to have MobileMSSNGR™)

- Computer chat portal supports up to 12 concurrent text conversations

- Create To-Do’s for your contacts contact from Computer, iPhone or iPad

- Send messages to Groups

- Create and manage Auto-responders

- Keep Notes for each contact

- Store up to 30 contacts FREE

- Unlimited messaging for FREE 

Requirements:  Chrome V16.x  /  iOS 5.x

Mobile MSSNGR™ - The Mobile and Web Based Text Messaging Platform by ©Rage Digital

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We recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by Dave Klein for an Adobe Inspire Magazine article on mobile websites vs. mobile apps.  Our project, HTC + Google Goggles was featured for being an example of a platform neutral approach to a mobile experience.  

Read the Full Article 

Big thanks to Dave for the love!  

With the recent developments of Google+ being more tightly integrated into their search strategy we’ve offically caved in and created a Google+ page.  Follow us for mobile inspiration, products and updates on all of our projects!