As our world changes, the challenges to business grow. Old ways of thinking are being replaced by open minds and creativity. Design is playing a central role in helping solve problems and drive the future. The DthenewB team invites you to see how design is shaping the new business.

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I was pumped to see Pres. OBama, while in Boulder yesterday, take a moment to drive a Sphero!  Rage Digi and Orbotix have had a long working relationship designing all the drive controllers and initial game apps as well as the app Obama uses here!  

The president used our app.  HA!  Too cool…

A snooze button for your thoughts. Delay is the quick and easy reminder app for those situations when you need to remember something and don’t want the hassle of creating and managing alarms for set times. 

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Developed by Keiran Flanigan (Aeliox) of Rage Digital

We recently received our copy of The App & Mobile Case Study Book by Rob Ford of the FWA!

See below for photos of our feature on HelvetiNote™ 1.0 for iPad.

HelvetiNote™ 1.0 - Berger & Föhr + Rage Digital

HelvetiNote™ 1.0 - Berger & Föhr + Rage Digital

HelvetiNote™ is the iCloud synchronized note taking application for the iPad, iPhone and iPod designed explicitly to simplify and improve the note taking experience. 

All Images: ©Berger & Föhr - HelvetiNote™ 2.0™ 

All Images: Berger & Föhr - HelvetiNote™ 2.0™

Helvetinote" 2.0" by Rage Digital and Berger & Föhr

Designed by Berger & Föhr Built by Rage Digital

HelvetiNote™ is the iCloud synchronized note taking application for your iPad, iPhone, and iPod. We designed it explicitly to simplify and improve your note taking experience.

In version 2.0, HelvetiNote™ is raising the bar again. We’re leveraging the power of iCloud sync, expanding HelvetiNote™ from iPad to iPhone and iPod, better organizing your notes with folders and streamlining the overall note taking experience with smoother drawing, undo functionality and a more responsive interface. We’ve rewritten HelvetiNote™ 2.0 from the ground up, with your feedback from version 1.0 in mind.

Tips & Pointers:

- iCloud runs the show. All of your folders and notes are automatically synced up to iCloud - there’s no need to ever hit a save or download button. The sync indicator in the lower right displays your current iCloud sync configuration.

- Notes now live in folders, which you can create, rename and delete as needed. To delete, swipe horizontally over a folder to display the delete button - do the same to delete a note.

- Themes can now be saved and synced. Find your favorite color combo? Save it as a custom theme (save up to 5 custom themes) - it’ll even sync to your other devices (if you have iCloud sync enabled). Swipe from right to left on a saved theme to delete it.

** HelvetiNote™ 2.0 does attempt to upgrade your v1.0 notes to the new 2.0 format. To err on the side of caution, however, you should backup any important v1.0 notes by emailing them to yourself before updating.

Thank you for all of your HelvetiNote™ support and feedback. We hope you Enjoy 2.0.

Huge credit due to Keiran Flanigan (Aeliox) for all the hard work on this app!  

iTunes Link:

HelvetiNote™ 2.0™ coming soon on iPhone & iPad with iCloud Sync.  A collaboration between Berger & Föhr (formerly Cypher13) and Rage Digital.

Carry RoboCop in your pocket and never travel unarmed again! In honor of RoboCop’s upcoming 25th anniversary, MGM Studios and Rage Digital bring the crime-fighting half man, half machine to your fingertips with the official RoboCop App for iPhone/iPad.


We recently had the opportunity to work with Orbotix on the app user interface for their first product Sphero.  The robotic controlled ball is just the begging for the Boulder based startup whose open-source API will allow mobile developers to make their own games with Sphero and other smartphone controlled hardware.  Our wheels are turning!